Nuovareda is a family business founded by Morri Nelusco more than 40 years ago. In year 2000 Monica, Chiara and Francesca Morri, took over the business bringing innovation and flexibility by developing new skills and introducing a significant increase in automation within precision mechanics which until then had only been used in big industries.



The company has been operating in the metalworking sector for over 30 years.
We specialise in precision metal carpentry constructions and we develop projects on commission, from small to large scale designs.



In 2016 Nuovareda reached an important goal by becoming EN 1090-1 (EXC2) certified.

The company has implemented a factory production process control system (FPC) as a result of this certification, in other words, it has developed a systematic permanent action of internal control of its production.

The Initial Type Tests (ITT/ITC) and further tests on product samples are also part of this verification system which guarantees monitored and certified reliability in all production departments.
Thanks to this, Nuovareda has obtained a Certificate of Conformity for Factory Production Control issued by a Notified Body (RINA).

All production processes, as well as the staff, have been subjected to periodic checks and each production process is then certified.

EN 1090-1 allows Nuovareda to produce structural metal carpentry elements in class EXC2 and also to mark products they produced as CE. Each phase is therefore monitored starting from the estimate and project evaluation, to the relevant order confirmation and right until the sale of the product to the customer.
The system guarantees the traceability of materials and production methods carried out in compliance with the regulations.




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