Founded in 1977, the company has played a primary role producing agricultural machinery, dealing with both product design and finishing processes.

After a crisis period in the agricultural sector, the company changed its production direction and started exploring new markets and making use of new technological equipment.

Nuovareda srl subsequently has specialised in high precision carpentry work, thus becoming the reference supplier for some of the most important companies in Emilia Romagna.


In 2008 the company changed headquarters, expanding the production space and increasing the raw materials storage area to better satisfy the demands of our customers.

All the raw materials ordered by the company are subject to strict quality and compliance controls before moving on to the various processing phases. If the raw material is found suitable after being checked, it is deposited in the specific area reserved for raw material.

Thanks to the experience gained over these past years, the company is now able to offer iron processing (pipe and metal sheets) at very high quality levels and competitive costs.

All this was made possible thanks to the introduction of cutting-edge machinery capable of carrying out any type of processing in a short period of time. We are in fact able to provide robotic and manual welding, TIG welding, precision machining with CNC machining centres metal sheet laser cutting and folding, tube folding and calendaring.

The materials we use range from classic black or pickled iron, to FE510, to stainless steel 304 or 316, satin stainless steel with Film, Aluminum and Corten.

Our technical office collaborates with our customers to satisfy any proposal, recommending materials suitable for the requested production order.

Thanks to the collaboration of specialised workers we are able to supply the finished product, carrying out all the manufacturing phases: from processing drawings provided by the customer using cutting-edge programs, to constructing by using the necessary mechanical procedure and heat treatments, to delivering the final painted, cold and hot galvanized and anodized product.

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